Sunday, December 17, 2006

there is a big picture

hi blogmates,
i ran for 57 minutes at an easy pace on the denton rail trail w dianne today. it was about 70 degrees and low humidity. reading about the winter solstice, yule logs and other dark, cold winter traditions makes me think christmas time in texas ain't so bad.
while i was running along one of the random thoughts i remebered was: nothing is ever going to be as good as it used to be. this is both the good news and bad news.
something else i noticed while running along was how disappointed in myself i am that i have been feeling so disappointed in my performance at the white rock half. i just didn't realize how committed i was to running it in two hours or how the the mistakes i made during the race would affect me in such a negative way. it's corny but true: i have learned a more by processing the mistakes and the accompanying feelings from this race than from the successes of other races. one change will be to run for time and intensity, as measured by heart rate and amount of time per workout, not distance and pace. i'm also giving my garmin to dianne and using my reliable timex ironman watch and my hr monitor. there is more i could say about the other changes, but they are not as concrete as giving away garmin so i'll talk about them another time.
try to remember that when all the crazy relatives and family gather for the holidays, you're one of them.
relax. take a breath. there is a big picture.
happy holidays.
have fun running.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

evening run/random thoughts

it's only 5:45 and just now dark. if i don't run now i'll miss it and i can't run in the morning.

i still feel full from lunch. wtf?

man, there's a lot of traffic. where are all these people going who don't notice me running here?

hope there's no bumps in the sidewalk because the on-coming head lights are shinning in my eyes and i can't see s#@t.

i hope there aren't any more branches hanging in the way. @%#$&*! headlights.

phew, does that car needs a valve job.

oh good, that guy in the truck does see me.

it'll be so nice when i get to think about this run later and be glad i did it. that'll feel good.

i wonder if i'm still tired from the race? i don't feel tired...i wish i had a magic carpet. magic shoes, that's it! i won the lottery and all these cars are gone!

it's peaceful.

and dinner's ready.

but i'm still full.

Monday, December 11, 2006

more on the half

the offical unoffical results are in. according to the white rock website my finsh time was 2:04:07 which is what garmin said. the splits were goofy:14:21, 9:41, 12:28, 9:40, 9:24, 9:32, 9:10, 8:56, 9:04, 8:54, 8:18, 3:34, 10:31, last 291.2ft=28sec. i think garmin did some re calculating. the website said the first 6 miles were a gradual uphill and that we wouldn't even notice because of the excitement of the start. well, that wasn't exactly accurate but, it was gradual sometimes. there were 4570 finishers in the white rock half. of those i was 1880 overall and 93 in my age group. it seemed far more crowded than the half i ran in november and having to dodge people was frustrating sometimes. there were other things about this race that were different. garmin had a bad day, what with the cloud cover and the tall buildings down town.

the start did not have pace corrals. about 5 minutes before the start people holding signs with the pace times on them were seen standing in a group near the starting line, then trying to move through the throng to postion themselves at the appropriate spot. there were plenty of water stops and porta-cans although i didn't need to stop for either one.

the course was okay and took us through many scenic neighborhoods and parts of dallas. it was especially fun to run through down town. all points of the race were well attended by enthusiastic spectators, many of whom had cookers in the their front yards that made it a little smokey. the start was in a chute created by tall building flanking both sides of the street. on a patio to the right and above where i was waiting for the gun, a live broadcast from the race was taking place and frank shorter ("hey look, thats frank shorter!") was the expert commentator. i don't know anything else about the broadcast but assume all the local news shows had segments of the race all day.

i think having bands playing on the course is funny. it was quirky but charming and distracting to run past a band dressed in overcoats mostly playing classic rock to a bunch of runners who will hear 20 seconds of music while they run past. meanwhile the band is freezing the their butts off at an hour of sunday morning when musicans would be normally not be playing, let alone be awake. it's also fun to hear them playing from a quarter mile away and wonder what their dress and attitude will be like this time of the morning. i wonder what they paid those guys?

all in all, i think the race was over hyped, over priced and over sold. i'm pleased that although i didn't come out fast enough and get a 2 hour race, i ran strong at the end. also and more importantly, it's always worth it to run with my friends and see everybody at the race and to be doing it at all.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

white rock brief

finsh time 2:04:07. not to bad a day overall (a PR). i came out to slow but ran a strong second half. perfect weather for running with the temp at the 9:00am start around 50ish and overcast. it wasn't a good day for the garmin with overcast skies and the tall building downtown. i'll try to figure out something and post some numbers. also, i'm not used to running under such crowded conditions. there were over 10,000 runners. it was hard to trust the garmin when it told me my first mile was over 14 min.

Friday, December 08, 2006

got food?

i've been working on runners who are getting ready to run the white rock marathon during the last 2 weeks and i'm wondering about something....

what, you ask, am i wondering about?

i wonder how many of the runners i've seen are having taper/psycological related issues; ghost or phantom pains that feel like a real injury. have any of you experienced this? perhaps they are on the verge of an injury and the massage work increasing circulation and decreasing adhesions prevents the injury from happening or at least prolongs its arrival. isn't it true that all one's training is done 3 weeks out from the race and then a runner starts to taper? i wonder why these issues or pains or tweaks or whatever you want to call them don't show up during monster month when mileage and intensity are both high?

i notice this happening with me a little bit too, but not pain or injury stuff very much. for me it's appetite. it feels like i could eat my weight in nearly anything. thank god for running.

good luck to all who are racing this weekend, especially those at white rock. my bib number is 9635 if anyone wants to check up.

i'm getting kinda hungry.

happy running!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


34 degrees with the wind from the north at around 10 miles per hour if i was to guess. when i started my run this morning i was running south and after i warmed up i was having a great run...until i had to turn around into the wind, and uphill, and run back back to the car. we've all been there. it just makes that hot shower after the run so much better. it was a beautiful dawn this morning too.

Next sundy is the white rock half marathon. training-wise, i won't be any more ready than i am right now to run it in 2 hours. now it's time to see myself, and feel myself, doing it.

Friday, December 01, 2006


dianne and i went to the Y last night after i got home and ran together on the treadmills. it was so very pleasant. i was tempted to bail on my run yesterday, but her wanting to go run last night was perfect and we had a nice talk too.

unlike yesterday morning which was cold, windy and wet, this morning it was 24 degrees outside the back door with no wind when i headed out for a 45 minute easy run. i was over dressed with sweats over tights and a long sleeved base layer, a wind top and a big, thick hooded sweatshirt, gloves, neck gater (i don't know how to spell gaiter, or is it gater?) and watch cap. my face didn't even feel numb untill i was almost home. it was a nice run.

happy running!